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Accomplice African American Airport Alley Apartment Apartment Building Armed Robbery Assassin Attorney Bar Beating Bet Black American Black Comedy Blood Body Landing On A Car Bottled Water Briefcase Brutality California Car Accident Cell Phone Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Chase Claustrophobia Coincidence Computer Contract Killer Corpse Corrupt Lawyer Country Western Music Coyote Crime Boss Crime Scene Dance Club Danger Dead Body Dead Body In A Car Trunk Death Detective Dispatcher Drug Deal Drug Dealer Drug Dealing Drug Lord Drug Trade Drugs Elevator Falling From Height Falling Through A Window False Identity Father Son Relationship FBI Fight Fighting Filling Station Foot Chase Frisking Gas Station Gun Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Hired Killer Hitman Hospital Hostage Impersonation Investigation Jazz Club Jazz Music Kicked In The Face Killer Killing Knife Koreatown Los Angeles Laptop Computer Lawyer Liar Lie Loneliness Los Angeles California Male Female Relationship Martial Arts Mercilessness Mexican Gang Mistaken Identity Mob Boss Mob Hit Morgue Mother Son Relationship Mozambique Drill Mugging Murder Murder By Gunshot Murder Witness Musician Neck Breaking Neo Noir Nightclub No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning Nocturnal Murder One Night One Word Title Organized Crime Overpass Panic Parking Garage Part Time Job Police Police Detective Police Officer Killed Police Surveillance Policeman Power Failure Professional Assassin Prosecutor Psycho Thriller Reckless Driving Reference To Charles Darwin Reference To Humpty Dumpty Reference To Miles Davis Reference To Rowanda Reference To Santa Claus Reference To Shakespeares Macbeth Reference To Sigmund Freud Sandwich Shooting Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Leg Shot To Death Silencer Smashed Car Windshield Sociopath Speaking Spanish Stabbed In The Leg Stairway Storytelling Subway Subway Chase Surveillance Camera Suspense Taxi Taxi Driver Telephone Tex Mex Music Thrown Out A Window Thug Title At The End Title Spoken By Character Tragic Villain Video Surveillance Villain Played By Lead Actor Violence Watching TV Witness

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