The Wicker Man (1975)
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The Wicker Man 1975

The Wicker Man: A police sergeant is called to an island village in search of a missing girl whom the locals claim never existed. Stranger still, however, are the rituals that take place there.

Solar rating:8 /10

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1970s Agriculture Agronomist Air Airplane Ale Altar Animal Animal Mask Animal Sacrifice Barbarism Bare Breasts Based On Novel Beetle Beheading Bible Biology Blasphemy Blood Sacrifice Boat Bonfire Book Boy Breast Feeding Burned Alive Burned To Death Candle Candy Store Castle Cemetery Chemist Christian Christianity Church Churchyard Clash Of Religions Class Classroom Cliff Coffin Confectioner Confectionery Conspiracy Costume Cover Up Crop Cult Cult Favorite Culture Clash Dead Body Dead Hare Death Death Certificate Death Of Protagonist Dinghy Disappearance Disguise Drink Drinking Drum Earth God Enigma Erection Erotica Exhumation Face Mask Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Fertility Fiddle Fire Flashback Food Foreskin Frog Frog In Mouth Garden Girl God God Of Fire God Of The Sun Goddess Goddess Of The Orchards Grandfather Grave Gravestone Graveyard Green Man Guitar Harbor Harbor Master Hare Harp Harvest Harvest Festival Heathen Heathenism Holy Communion Horror Movie Remade Horse Horse And Carriage Human Sacrifice Hunted Hunter Hunting Hymn Idolatry Immortality Investigation Island Isolated Community Jesus Christ John Barleycorn Jumping Through Fire Kilt King For A Day Knife Law Letter Liar Library Lie Life Eternal Life Force Lifting Person In Air Lord Lust Male Virgin Martyr May Day Maypole Missing Child Missing Person Mother Daughter Relationship Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Musician Naval String Nudity Obsession Occult Old Gods Pagan Paganism Paganism Vs Christianity Painting Penis Phallic Symbol Photograph Photographer Police Police Detective Police Officer Police Officer Killed Post Office Prayer Pregnancy Pub Queen Of The May Reading Reference To Jesus Regeneration Reincarnation Religion Religious Sacrifice Religious Zealot Resurrection Rite Ritual Sacrifice Sacrificial Fire Sacrilege School School Desk Scientist Scot Scotland Scottish Island Seagull Seaplane Search Secret Society Sergeant Sermon Sex Sexual Repression Sexual Rite Ship Singer Singing Slow Motion Scene Song Supernatural Power Sword Teacher Temptation Title Spoken By Character Topless Female Nudity Town Hall Trap Tree Umbilical Cord Violin Virgin Voice Over Reading Water Wicker Man Witchcraft

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