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Abandoned Warehouse American Arles France Arms Deal Assassination Assault Rifle Attempted Murder Audi Automatic Weapon Bar Bazooka Betrayal Blood Blood On The Camera Lens Blood Spatter Briefcase British Bullet Ricochet Cafe Camera Caper Car Accident Car Chase Car Crash Carousel Case Cell Phone Cell Phone Trace Chase Child In Peril Church Bell Church Choir CIA Agent Cigarette Smoking Citroën Coffee Computer Expert Convoy Death Deception Double Cross Earphone Eiffel Tower Paris Escalator Ex KGB Exploding Car Falling From Height Female Terrorist Field Trip Foot Chase France French German Held At Gunpoint Hit With A Car Door Honor Ice Show Ice Skating Impostor Innocent Person Killed International Gang Irish Irish Accent Irish Republican Army Irish Terrorist Lie Luxury Hotel Macguffin Machine Gun Map Mechanic Mercedes Benz Mercenary Merry Go Round Miniature Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Neo Noir Nice France No Opening Credits One Word Title Paris France Pistol Planning Police Posing As A Married Couple Posing As A Tourist Posing As Husband And Wife Preparation Pub Punched In The Face Reckless Driving Recruiting Rocket Launcher Rogue Agent Roman Arena Russian Samurai Scalpel Screenwriter Credited Under Pseudonym Seine River Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Shoulder Shot In The Stomach Shot To Death Sinn Fein Skating Rink Sleeping Bag Sniper Spray Paint Subway Suitcase Surgery Terrorism Terrorist Terrorist Group Throat Slitting Title Spoken By Character Tour Guide Tourist Uzi Van Violence Vomit Weapon Expert Wound

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