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1970s 80 Year Old 81 Year Old Assassination Assault Atlantic City New Jersey Aunt Banker Banking Betrayal Blood Spatter Board Meeting Box Of Candy Brother Sister Relationship Candy Cardinal Catholic Catholic Church Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Confession Confessional Conflicted Hero Corleone Italy Corruption Cosa Nostra Cousin Cousin Relationship Crime Boss Cult Favorite Dancing Death Of Friend Death Of Title Character Destiny Diabetes Disguise Divorce Dying Words Embezzlement Epic Eyeglasses Fake Person In Bed Family Relationships Fate Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Festival Flashback Flashback To Images Of Memories Forbidden Love Gang War Gangster Gay Slur Guilt Hanging Helicopter History Rewind Hitman Horse Hospital Hypoglycemia Illegitimate Son Incest Incestuous Kiss Italian American Kissing Cousins Lawyer Limousine Long Suffering Longing Loss Of Daughter Mafia Mafia Don Manhattan New York City Medal Mob Hit Mob Violence Mounted Police Multiple Perspectives Murder New York City No Opening Credits Nostalgia Number In Title Numbered Sequel Nun Opera Opera Glasses Orange Juice Organized Crime Palermo Italy Papal Election Parallel Montage Part Of Trilogy Party Poison Pope Prayer Premarital Sex Priest Puppet Show Railway Station Reference To Alexander Graham Bell Repeated Line Repeating History Reporter Returning Character Killed Off Revenge Roman Numeral In Title Sequel Sequel To Best Picture Winner Sex Between Cousins Shaving Someone Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot Repeatedly Shot To Death Sicily Silent Scream Singer Smothering Sniper Soccer Ball South Italy Spinning Newspaper Stabbed In The Neck Stabbing Stroke Symbolism Third Part Tragic Hero Train Uncle Vatican Wake World Trade Center Manhattan New York City

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