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Accidental Suicide Airplane Anti Hero Antique Shop Arc De Triomphe Paris Attempted Murder Baby Carriage Balcony Bank Vault Bare Breasts Based On Book Based On Novel Bathtub Bicycling Blood Blood Spatter Body Bag Bomb Brooklyn Bridge Brother Brother Relationship Burglary Car Accident Central Park Manhattan New York City Chase Columbia University Conspiracy Corpse Crime Scene Death Deception Dental Instruments Dentist Dentistry Deposit Box Diamond Doll Double Cross Eiffel Tower Paris Evil Man Explosion Famous Line Female Nudity Femme Fatale Flashback Flirting Fountain Garrote Gay Gay Brother German Government Agent Graduate Student Greed Gun Haircut Historian Hitman Holocaust Survivor Hospital Hotel Interrogation Jewelry Store Jewish Jewish Woman Jogging Kidnapping Labor Strike Lake Library Loss Of Brother Loss Of Father Loss Of Loved One Male Nudity Male Rear Nudity Man With Glasses Manhattan New York City Marathon Runner McCarthyism Morphine Murder Nazi Neck Breaking Neighbor New York City Oil Of Cloves Opera Opera House Pajamas Paranoia Paris France Pistol Pram Professor Pursuit Restaurant Revenge Road Rage Running Running From Danger Safe Deposit Secret Agent Secret Identity Sex Shaved Head Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Face Shot To Death Stabbed In The Chest Stabbing Strangulation Suicide Taxi Telephone Booth Temple Throat Slitting Tooth Torture Torture TV News Twin Towers Tyranny Uruguay Valet Vengeance Violence War Criminal Waterworks Yom Kippur Youth Gang

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