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Absurd Humor Adultery Arm Wound Arrested Development Asbestos Aspirin Band Baseball Bat Bear Trap Beating Bicycle Birthday Black Eye Blind Man Blindness Boat Brother Brother Relationship Brother In Law Sister In Law Relationship Bully Bunk Bed Buried Alive Catalina Island Caterer Catering Service Cell Phone Cheesecake Factory Restaurant Chewbacca Mask Children Christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas Eve Christmas Tree Crossbow Crying Death Of Mother Death Of Wife Digging Grave Divorce Divorcee Doctor Dove Dream Drug Use Drum Kit Drum Solo Drummer Drums Earphones Eating Erection Extramarital Affair F Word Fake Death Falling Down Stairs Family Dinner Family Relationships Fantasy Sequence Fart Joke Father Son Relationship Female Psychologist Fight Fishing Flash Forward Flashback Flatulence Food Forty Something Frat Pack Friend Friendship Friendship Between Men Golf Club Grave Guitar Guitarist Handshake Head Injury Head Wound Helicopter Hit With A Shovel Husband Wife Relationship Ice Sculpture Immaturity Infidelity Innuendo Janitor Job Interview Karaoke Karate Kicked Into Water Kicked Off A Boat Kiss Kite Flying Knocked Out Licking Dog Feces Lip Synching Long Underwear Love Machismo Male Bonding Male Female Relationship Male Male Hug Male Nudity Male Rape Mangina Marijuana Masturbation Measuring Ones Penis Mens Bathroom Microphone Money Mother Son Relationship Moving Van Music Video Nerd Night Vision Goggles Nudity Opera Singing Orgasm Penis Pet Smart Pet Store Photograph Porn Magazine Presumed Dead Psychologist Punched In The Face Range Rover Rap Music Rap Video Real Estate License Rebellious Youth Reckless Driving Reference To Barbara Walters Reference To Ben Affleck Reference To Chewbacca Reference To Fergie Reference To John Stamos Reference To Oprah Winfrey Reference To Randy Jackson Reference To Star Wars Reference To Yoda Remote Control Rudeness Sailboat Samurai Sword Scene After End Credits Scene During End Credits Scene During Opening Credits Screwball Comedy Scrotum Seeing Eye Dog Seesaw Sex Sex In A Bathroom Sexism Shovel Sibling Rivalry Singer Singing Singing In A Car Sitting On A Toilet Slacker Sleepwalking Sliding Down A Ladder Slow Motion Scene Song Spanking Spoiled Child Stage Fright Stepbrother Stepbrother Relationship Stepfather Stepson Relationship Stepmother Stepson Relationship Storytelling Sunglasses Surprise After End Credits Surprise During End Credits Sword Therapist Therapy Thirty Something Title Spoken By Character Toilet Toilet Paper Treehouse Tuxedo Underwear Unemployment Unfaithfulness Urinal Urination Vandalism Violence Vomit Watching TV Water Hose Wedding Whale Whipped Cream Whispering White Rapper Widower Wine Wound

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