Earthworm Jim (1995)
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Earthworm Jim 1995

Earthworm Jim: Jim was just your average Earthworm until he stumbled upon a supersuit that evolved him. It also gave him super-strength, and various gadgets. But the forces of evil (Psycrow, Professor Monkey-for-a-head, Queen Slug-for-a-butt) looms to in to take his super-suit. He now fights evil with his sidekick Peter Puppy (who has an Incredible Hulk complex) and his girl friend Princess Whats-Her-Name. But does Jim have what it takes to save the world? And where does that cow keep coming from?

Solar rating:10 /10

Version 1 Sponsor Host 16669 views
Version 2 Sponsor Host 5593 views
Version 3 Sponsor Host 10329 views
Version 4 0 views
Version 5 2 views
Version 6 82 views
Version 7 16 views
Version 8 23 views

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