Godzilla (1978)
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Godzilla 1978

Godzilla: The crew of the research vessel, the Calico at one point rescue Godzooky, the young offspring of the mighty giant monster, Godzilla. Apparently, a pact was made that if the crew took care of the little guy, Godzilla would help if they needed him. As it turns out, this was a most fortuitous thing, because in the voyages of the Calico, they investigate mysteries that all too often lead to run-ins with dangerous giant beasts. With no way to battle the beasts themselves, the crew, either through a special signaling device or Godzooky calling himself, can summon Godzilla seemingly from anywhere around the world to confront the menace at hand.

Release Date:
Adventure Animation Family Sci-Fi
Al Eisenmann Don Messick Hilly Hicks Jeff David Ted Cassidy
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Solar rating:6 /10


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