Home Time (2009)
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Home Time 2009

Home Time: Gaynor Jacks has come home. Home to Coventry, home to her mum and dads house, home to the three best friends who called her mad for ever leaving. At 17 she ran off to find her place in the big wide world, but now shes back - at 29 - with her tail between her legs and not so much as a starter home to show for her troubles. Gaynor cant hide forever in her tiny time-capsule bedroom with its Trainspotting poster peeling above the single bed and Wonderwall still paused on the CD player. She must crawl back into the life she left behind, suffering the gleeful sympathy of her friends and ill-judged parental intrusions, all played out in front of old flames and adversaries she thought shed never see again, and underscored by smirking cries of See youre back then

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Leo Bill Marian McLoughlin Philip Jackson Rebekah Staton
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Solar rating:6 /10


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