Dual Paralle lunlun monogatari (1999)
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Dual Paralle lunlun monogatari 1999

Dual Paralle lunlun monogatari: Kazuki Yotsuga is just an ordinary Japanese schoolboy and computer geek, but when he starts seeing visions of battling giant robots, his life starts to change forever. His participation in his girlfriends, Mitsuki Sandada, scientist father, Ken Sanada, throws him into a parallel Earth that is threatened by the organization, Raragun,who is gunning for world domination. Kazuki finds that he has no family in this world but it does have a version of the Sanadas as members of an elite defense force dedicated to stopping Raragun. Now Kazuki must join the fight as the only male of an all female pilot force who can pilot the giant robots wielded in this war even as he must adjust in this strange world.

Release Date:
Katsuhito Akiyama
Animation Comedy Sci-Fi
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Solar rating:8 /10


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