Excel Saga (US) (2003)
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Excel Saga (US) 2003

Excel Saga (US): Excel works for Across: an organization bent on world domination to create a better society. She aint exactly great at her job but she definitely tries hard. And with her new partner from outer space she aint giving up. Meanwhile 3 roommates get a job with a weird government agency, a foreign construction worker is forced to be the love slave to the embodiment of the universe (a vortex with slender womanly arms) and a man with an afro gets into all sorts of weird messes that remain unexplained. And this is only the tip of the iceberg to this hilariously twisted series!

Release Date:
Shinichi Watanabe
Adventure Animation Sci-Fi
Jason Douglas Takehito Koyasu
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Solar rating:8 /10


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