Angels Among Us (2011)
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Angels Among Us 2011

Angels Among Us: Whether itís a shining light or a physical presence, these subjects are here to provide living testament that angels are real. At the end of every hour, even the most hardened skeptics will find it hard to deny there are indeed angels among us.ďAngels Among UsĒ commemorates the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 with a very special episode. Genelle Guzman is on the 13th floor of World Trade Tower One when it collapses on top of her. Miraculously, she survives, but is trapped under the rubble for over 24 hours. With hope of rescue fading, an angel takes her hand and assures her that help is on the way. In Tower Two, Ron DiFrancesco escapes death when the second plane hits his floor, but soon discovers all escape routes have been cut off by a raging inferno. On the edge of despair, he hears an otherworldly voice urging him to run into the fire. And at the Pentagon, American Airlines flight 77 slams into the building 100 feet from John Yates. Despite massive injuries, he is guided towards safety. by an angel.Each episode will conclude with a follow-up to find out just how these people been impacted, where they are today and how theyíve applied the lessons theyíve learned to their current lives. Each story and each result will be personal, profound and unique ó the one common thread being that each of our subjects was truly saved by an angel.

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