Allen Gregory (2011)
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Allen Gregory 2011

Allen Gregory: Allen Gregory is an animated series that follows 7-year-old Allen Gregory (Jonah Hill). When Allen sees himself, he sees a young man who is intelligent and sophisticated. His father Richard (French Stewart) is a romantic as is Gregory. Together, they share a bond that is interrupted by Jeremy (Nat Faxon), Richards life partner who Allen doesnt have any respect for. Living together in a loft along with Julie (Joy Osmanski), Allens adopted sister form Cambodia, they get along.Unneknownst to Allen though, he is about to go on an adventure that he has never attempted before, he is started Elementary school with children his own agee. As Allen struggles to fit in, he has an all-out rivalry with Gina Winthrop (Leslie Mann) and an unique friendship with Judith Gottlieb (Renée Taylor), his 68-year-old principal. He tries to be friends with the popular kids including Joel Zadak (Jake Johnson) the school stud. However, his work is cut out for him. That is when his friend and assistant, Patrick Vanderweel (Cristina Pucelli) comes by and the support of Superintendent Stewart Rossmyre (Will Forte), who both feel that Allen is an asset to the school.Created by Jonah Hill, Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul (Yes Man), Allen Gregory is a fresh animated comedy that is made to look into an intelligent kids mind to see the struggles he faces when he is at school.

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