Hookers: Saved on the Strip (2010)
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Hookers: Saved on the Strip 2010

Hookers: Saved on the Strip: Former Las Vegas call girl Annie Lobert provides prostitutes a way out of the sex industry and guides them on the road to redemption.Under the glare of Las Vegas lights, former call girl Annie Lobert walks along a higher path. Lobert, along with her fearless group of ex-prostitutes, risk their lives to combat sex trafficking in this three-part Investigation Discovery special. Follow Lobert and her faith-based organization, Hookers for Jesus, as they free women from the violence and exploitation of the sex industry.Each part of Hookers: Saved on the Strip follows the troubling and redemptive story of one of Loberts crew. As a former call girl who sold her body for over a decade, Lobert offers understanding and support in rebuilding, reorganizing, andre-establishing the lives of other ex-prostitutes. Linked by a life of controlling pimps, checkered legal problems and financial difficulties, these women move into Destiny House, a transitional home for women sharing a common past and a desire for a brand new start. Nowhere is off limits for the Hookers for Jesus who go where other organizations are reluctant to venture - including the chaotic casino floors, flashy nightclubs and hidden realms of escort services - to reach women who are seeking a way out.

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