Canadas Greatest Know It All (1969)
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Canadas Greatest Know It All 1969

Canadas Greatest Know It All: For each season of the show, a group of self-professed know-it-alls are recruited to be competitors to determine who is Canadas Greatest Know-It-All. The tasks the competitors are asked to do tests not only their knowledge in a wide range of topic areas, but often how to apply that knowledge in achieving a desired end goal better or faster than their fellow competitors. In each elimination, the competitors are either placed into teams or work as individuals in two specific challenges. For each of the two challenges, one person from the losing team or the losing competitor if they are working as individuals is sent to the danger zone for potential elimination. In the danger zone, the two competitors generally face off head-to-head in another individual challenge, the loser who is eliminated from the competition. The last competitor standing is crowned Canadas Greatest Know-It-All for that season.

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Daniel Fathers
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Solar rating:10 /10

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Version 3 Promo Host 1172 views
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