Backyard Oil (2013)
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Backyard Oil 2013

Backyard Oil: BACKYARD OIL follows the fortunes of the most boot-strappin oil men in all of Appalachia - mogul Jimmy Reliford and his sidekick Mad Dog; Coomer, whos raking in $300-thousand a month thanks to an oil strike in his own backyard; a bearded hillbilly named Rascal; and the Page Boys, a father-son team who cant help but bicker about everything...except finding that sweet, sweet crude. Now that oil fetches close to $100 a barrel, theres a modern day oil boom hitting Kentucky and people are racing to enlist the services of these oil men to make them millions. Most think they have oil, few find it, and its up to this motley crew to fight until the bid is won and the next great monster oil well is drilled. (Source: Discovery Channel)

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