The Curse of Oak Island (2014)
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The Curse of Oak Island 2014

The Curse of Oak Island: In the North Atlantic is a mysterious, and possibly booby-trapped island that has fired the imagination of treasure hunters for more than 200 years. Oak Island could be hiding one of the greatest treasures in history, but no one has ever been able to crack the code of how to get at it. Fortunes have been spent and lives have been lost. A prophecy says that seven people will die before the treasure is found, and six have died in various accidents already. In the new series THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND, two brothers from Michigan will take new technology and old-fashioned knowhow and attempt to discover whats buried there once and for all.

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Adventure Family
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Solar rating:8 /10

Version 1 Sponsor Host 5767 views
Version 2 165 views
Version 3 2799 views
Version 4 505 views
Version 5 Sponsor Host 2620 views
Version 6 Sponsor Host 15232 views
Version 7 1236 views
Version 8 2500 views
Version 9 550 views
Version 10 233 views
Version 11 230 views
Version 12 198 views
Version 13 138 views
Version 14 289 views
Version 15 60 views
Version 16 1117 views
Version 17 860 views
Version 18 488 views
Version 19 501 views

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