Ghost Stalkers (2014)
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Ghost Stalkers 2014

Ghost Stalkers: Near-death experiences may be the closest we ever come to knowing what exists on the other side. Many of those who have seen the proverbial white light say they returned to life with a sudden sensitivity to the spirit world, and its believed that people who are sensitive enough can glimpse through and even enter places - portals - that bridge our realm with the hereafter. In the all-new series GHOST STALKERS, produced by Ghost Adventures Nick Groff, two men who crossed over investigate the afterlife that they encountered for a brief, eye-opening moment by exploring American locations that are rumored to house doorways to another dimension.

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Solar rating:5 /10

Version 1 Sponsor Host 7122 views
Version 2 6 views
Version 3 246 views
Version 4 177 views
Version 5 Sponsor Host 19114 views
Version 6 Sponsor Host 469 views
Version 7 457 views
Version 8 230 views
Version 9 13 views
Version 10 122 views
Version 11 55 views
Version 12 198 views
Version 13 108 views
Version 14 241 views
Version 15 24 views
Version 16 13 views
Version 17 19 views
Version 18 9 views

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