Million Dollar Matchmaker (2016)
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Million Dollar Matchmaker 2016

Million Dollar Matchmaker: Patti Stanger has earned her ``Millionaire Matchmaker nickname (also the title of her previous show) through the years she has spent setting up wealthy people through her Millionaires Club dating service, a practice she continues on this show. In each episode, two wealthy clients check into a luxury property in Southern California, where they unwittingly begin their ``love lesson through custom challenges designed by Stanger and her crew. Stanger then gives her feedback -- which can be brutally honest at times -- in one-on-one sessions with the daters, during which she gives an in-depth review of the surprise date. Each client is then introduced to the matches chosen by Patti, with the hope that one of them will be ``the one. Stangers team includes former beauty queen Candace, who has a psychology degree; self-proclaimed ``romance enthusiast David; and power couple Destin and Rachel, who return to the club following a brief hiatus.

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Candace Smith
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Solar rating:5 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Sponsor Host 17630 views
Version 2 282 views
Version 3 46 views
Version 4 28 views
Version 5 21 views
Version 6 21 views
Version 7 146 views
Version 8 77 views
Version 9 Sponsor Host 15965 views
Version 10 8 views
Version 11 Sponsor Host 7090 views
Version 12 16 views
Version 13 5 views
Version 14 28 views
Version 15 5 views
Version 16 10 views
Version 17 9 views
Version 18 21 views
Version 19 9 views
Version 20 4 views
Version 21 15 views
Version 22 7 views

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