The Official Story (1985)
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The Official Story 1985

The Official Story: Alicia Marnet de Ibáñez is a high school history professor and a well-to-do housewife in Buenos Aires, circa 1983, after the fall of the junta militar that had taken over the government since 1976. She has a husband, Roberto, who is a succesful lawyer and a five-year-old adopted daughter.

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1980s Abandonment Absolution Abuse Abusive Husband Adopted Daughter Adoption Airport Amnesty Anarchist Anarchy Anger Argentina Argentine Argentine Army Argentine Flag Argentine History Argentine National Anthem Argentinian Politics Arrest Assassin Assassination Baby Baby Buying Baby Clothes Bag Lady Bar Barbecue Barreness Bath Bathtub Battle Beating Bedtime Story Belief Bigotry Birth Certificate Birthday Birthday Party Bolivia Book Bourgeoisie Brother Brother Relationship Brother In Law Sister In Law Relationship Buenos Aires Argentina Businessman Cafe Camera Captivity Car Accident Caracas Venezuela Carpentry Catholic Celebration Censorship Chess Child Buying Child Nudity Childbirth Children Church Cigarette Smoking Class Classroom Complicity Confession Confessional Conspiracy Corruption Counter Revolution Cousin Cousin Relationship Criminal Crying Cuckold Cutting Tongue Death Death Of Father Death Of Mother Demonstration Dictatorship Dinner Dislocated Hip Doctor Dog Doll Domestic Abuse Dress Shop Drink Drinking Drowning Drunkenness Eggnog Electric Prodding Exile Explosion Face Slap Family Relationships Father In Law Daughter In Law Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Fire Food Foreign Debt Forgiveness Forty Something Freedom Freedom Of The Press Friend Friendship Gay Gay Slur General Girl Nudity God Government Coverup Grandfather Granddaughter Relationship Grandfather Grandson Relationship Grandmother Granddaughter Relationship Grandmother Grandson Relationship Grave Heart Attack Heron High School Reunion History Professor History Teacher Homosexual Hospital Housekeeper Husband Wife Relationship Ignorance Illegal Adoption Illness Infiltration Interrogation Intoxication Investigation Invisible Paint Jail Judge Kidnapping Kindergarten Kiss La Gaceta La Plata Argentina Latin America Lawyer Letter Liar Lie Loser Loudspeaker Magician Maid Male Female Relationship Malvinas War Marriage Medicine Memory Military Military Coup Military Junta Military Secret Missing Missing Person Money Mother Daughter Relationship Mother In Law Daughter In Law Relationship Mother Son Relationship Murder Newspaper Nudity Nurse Obsession Old Man Party Photograph Photographer Pianist Piano Picket Picket Sign Pity Poison Political Corruption Political Prisoner Political Rally Politics Poster Poverty Prawn Pregnancy Priest Prisoner Professor Protest Protest Sign Rain Rape Reading Reference To Cornelio Saavedra Reference To Franco Reference To Mariano Moreno Restaurant Reunion Revolution Rifle Robbery Rocking Chair Roll Call San Martin Argentina Sandman School School Uniform Schoolmate Screaming Secret Secretary Sense Of Smell Singer Singing Slamming Door On Hand Smuggling Socialism Socialist Song Spain Spanish Civil War Starvation Stethoscope Storytelling Subversion Subway Sucking Thumb Summons Teacher Tears Teenage Boy Telephone Call Theft Thief Torture Torturer Toy Gun Toy Xylophone Train Umbilical Cord Umbrella Uncle Nephew Relationship Uniform Vermouth Water Wealth Weather Whistling Widower Wife Abuse Wine Winner Woman Woman Relationship

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