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1960s 1970s 45 Recording Absent Father Actress Adultery African American Alleyway Announcer Apollo Theatre Manhattan New York City Applause Audition Aunt Nephew Relationship Backstage Backup Singer Band Bar Based On Stage Musical Bet Black American Blues Music Boxing Bribery Brother Sister Relationship Burial Bus Cadillac Camera Car Salesman Card Playing Celebrity Cemetery Chaperone Cheating On Ones Girlfriend Christmas Christmas Tree Cigarette Smoking Cocaine Coffin Comeback Comedian Composer Concert Crying Dancer Dancing Death Detroit Michigan Disco Divorce Doctor Dressing Room Drink Drinking Drug Overdose Drug Use Drugs Ego Elevator Extramarital Affair Fake Fingernails Fame Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Film Making Film Within A Film Fire Fired From The Job Flash Camera Flask Fraud Friend Friendship Friendship Between Women Gambling Garage Girl Girl Group Gospel Music Graveyard Guitar Guitarist Gun Heroin Husband Wife Relationship Infidelity Jazz Club Jazz Music Jealousy Kiss Las Vegas Nevada Limousine Los Angeles California Love Love Triangle Male Female Relationship Marriage Medical Clinic Miami Beach Florida Microphone Mirror Money Montage Mother Daughter Relationship Motown Music Producer Musical Performer Musical Quartet Musical Quintet Musical Star Musical Trio Musician Naivety New Years Eve New York City Nightclub No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning One Word Title Party Payola Photo Session Pianist Piano Pop Chart Pregnancy Prejudice Press Conference Price Of Fame Primadonna Prologue Quitting A Job Race Relations Race Riot Racist Joke Radio Rags To Riches Recording Recording Studio Reference To Cleopatra Reference To Dick Clark Reference To Ed Sullivan Reference To John F Kennedy Reference To Lyndon Johnson Reference To Martin Luther King Jr Rehearsal Rejection Reporter Rhythm And Blues Roman A Clef Sandwich Saxophone Saxophonist Screening Room Sex Show Business Singer Singing Single Mother Sister Sister Relationship Snow Song Songwriter Soul Music Stairway Suicide Swimming Pool Talent Contest Talent Judge Tambourine Tape Player Tape Recording Tears Teenage Girl Telephone Call Theatre Theatre Audience Theatrical Manager Title Spoken By Character Tour Trio Truck TV News TV Show TV Studio Unemployment Unfaithfulness Unwed Pregnancy Used Car Vietnam War Watching TV Wig

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