A Little Stiff (1991)
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A Little Stiff 1991

A Little Stiff: Caveh is a neurotic film student who has recently begun therapy. His therapist tells him that his biggest problem is that he sees everything in black and white and that what he needs to do is to learn to dwell with uncertainty. Caveh is nothing if not sincere and so he resolves to try his best to change. He meets Erin, an art student, in an elevator and feels immediately attracted to her. But instead of engaging in his usual kamikaze tactics, he decides to try to not push her. He pursues this tactic to the point of near absurdity and finds himself increasingly befuddled and in pain. But a pattern starts to emerge; every time he is about to give up, some hope-inducing thing happens which sets the wheels of courtship in motion again. But her attitude is consistently and bafflingly inscrutable. A rival appears and then disappears. What does it all mean? Caveh wants to know, but keeps hitting his head against the same wall. Finally he abandons his therapists advice and follows his own intuition. He doesnt get what he was hoping for, but gets something more precious and ultimately far more real.

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Arnold Barkus Caveh Zahedi
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Solar rating:6 /10

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