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1950s 42nd Street Manhattan New York City Ambulance Angel Art Deco Baldness Bar Barber Shop Beatnik Big Business Black Eye Board Meeting Board Of Directors Boardroom Boy Broadway Manhattan New York City Bus Business Business Administration Business Executive Cafe Career Woman Character Appears In Newspaper Character Name In Title Chase Christmas Christmas Party Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking Clock Coffee Shop Company President Coonskin Hat Corporation Corruption Corsage Country Bumpkin Crossword Puzzle Crying Cucumber On Eyes Cult Comedy Cult Favorite Dance Dancer Dancing Davy Crockett Hat Deus Ex Machina Disgrace Dream Drink Drink Thrown In Face Drinking Drunkenness Eavesdropping Editor Elevator Elevator Operator Empire State Building Manhattan New York City Employment Agency Exploitation Face Slap Fainting Fairy Tale Falling From Height False Teeth Fire Fired From The Job Flashback Foot Stuck In Waste Basket French Poodle Frisbee Gala Gardenia Girl Golf Halo Hanging From A Clock Hanging Out Window Hula Hoop Husband Wife Relationship Ice Pack Idea Man Idiot Industry Innocence Intellectual Property Invention Journalism Jumping From A Window Karma Keyhole Kiss Letter Mail Mailroom Mailroom Clerk Male Female Relationship Man On Ledge Manhattan New York City Martini Mass Production Massage Mechanic Mental Hospital Mimeograph Machine Mob Model Montage Muncie College Muncie Indiana Naivety New Years Eve New York City Newspaper Opening Narration Patsy Pneumatic Tube Pocket Watch Poetry Reading Printing Press Psychiatrist Pulitzer Prize Punched In The Face Reference To Dwight D Eisenhower Reference To J Edgar Hoover Reference To Oklahoma Broadway Musical Reference To The King And I Broadway Musical Reference To War And Peace Reincarnation Remake Reporter Restaurant Rube Satire Scrapping Painted Name Off Glass Office Door Screwball Comedy Sculptor Sculpture Second Chance Secretary Security Guard Shakespearean Quote Shame Shaving Singer Singing Skyscraper Slow Motion Scene Snow Song Spiral Staircase Stock Stock Ticker Stockholder Stockings Stopping Time Strait Jacket Straw String Quartet Success Suicide Suicide Attempt Suicide By Jumping Surrealism Tailor Taxi Driver Tears Time Clock Time Freeze Typewriter Ukulele Underwear US President Voice Over Narration Waitress Watch Works Water Cooler Wedding Window Ledge

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