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1950s Abandonment Absent Father Absent Mother Address Book African American Alienation Ambulance American Flag Anger Anguish Animal Abuse Anti Hero Apology Bare Chested Male Bathroom Beautiful Woman Best Friend Birthday Black American Black Leather Jacket Blood Blood On Shirt Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breakfast Breaking A Window To Enter A Door Breaking And Entering Broken Door Glass Brother Sister Relationship Bullet Clip Bullhorn Calling Someone Chicken Candelabra Candle Car Car Accident Car Explosion Car Falling Off A Cliff Car Radio Chain Character Says I Almost Died Giving Birth Chase Check Chicken Chicken Race Child Support Children Choking Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking Cliff Clucking Like A Chicken Cold The Temperature Comb Combing Hair Coming Of Age Compact Conscience Convertible Crossing Fingers For Luck Crying Cult Director Cult Favorite Cynicism Dead Boy Death Death Of Friend Delinquent Destruction Of The Universe Different Colored Socks Diving Board Drag Racing Drink Drinking Drinking Milk From The Bottle Driving Driving Off A Cliff Dropping A Food Tray Drunkenness Dysfunctional Family Dysfunctional Marriage Easter Eating Empty Swimming Pool End Of The World Face Slap Falling Asleep Falling In Love Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Field Trip Fight Flickering TV Screen Food Food Tray Friend Friendship Furniture Covered With Sheets Gang Gay Gay Teenager Generation Gap Grandmother Grandson Relationship Greaser Griffith Observatory Los Angeles Gun Gun Wound Gurney Hands Held Over Head Handshake Happiness Hawaii Headlights Henpecked Husband Hiding Hiding Place Hiding Under A Piano High School Homosexual Subtext Honor Hot Rod Housekeeper Humming Husband Wife Relationship Imitating A Cat Imitating A Chicken Imitating A Cow Imitating The Voice Of Jim Backus Jacket Jumping From A Car Juvenile Delinquency Juvenile Detention Officer Juvenile Hall Juvie Kicking Through A Framed Photograph Portrait Killing A Puppy Kiss Knife Fight Knife Held To Throat Knife Wound Ladder Liar Lie Lifesaver Light Board Listening To A Car Radio Loneliness Loner Los Angeles California Love Maid Male Female Relationship Man Wearing Womans Apron Mansion Marriage Mirror Mistaken Identity Mooing Like A Cow Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Motor Scooter Music Dedication On Radio Name Calling Nazi Reference New School Overprotective Parent Pain Pajamas Peanut Butter Peep Hole Peer Pressure Piano Planetarium Police Police Radio Police Siren Police Station Policeman Pretending Ones Father Is Dead Pretending To Be Married Promise Psychiatrist Pursuit Rebelling Against Ones Parent Reference To Aires The Constellation Reference To Alan Ladd Reference To Cancer The Constellation Reference To Orion The Constellation Reference To Plato Reference To Sagitarius The Constellation Reference To Taurus The Constellation Removing Bullets From A Gun Role Playing Rubbing Dirt On Hands Runaway Running Running Away School Insignia School Locker Self Destructiveness Shame Shoes Shooting Shootout Shot In The Chest Slashing A Car Tire Sleeping Sleeping In A Chair Stairway Star Star Died Before Release Student Surrogate Father Surrounded Switchblade T Shirt Taunting Tears Teen Teen Angst Teen Drinking Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Telephone Call Telescope Terrorism Throwing Water On Someone Torment Toy Toy Gun Toy Monkey Trust Turnstile Underage Drinking Unhappiness Upside Down View Violence Water Hose Whitewall Tire Wind Up Toy Wound Young Love

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