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1920s 1930s 1940s Actress Ambulance Ambush Anarchist Archive Footage Art Art Class Art Gallery Artist Assassination Ballet Ballet Class Band Bare Breasts Bastille Day Bath Bathtub Battle Beating Betrayal Bicycle Billiards Binoculars Birthday Bisexuality Blood Bomb Bomb Disguised As Feces Boxing Boys Choir British Brother Sister Relationship Cafe Cambridge University Camera Cathedral Champagne Charleston The Dance Chase Chateau Church Cigarette Smoking Cleavage Coal Miner Collar Cunnilingus D Day Dancer Dancing Death Dream Drink Drinking Drunkenness Dublin Ireland Erection Europe Explosion False Accusation Fascist Fate Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Nudity Flashback Fortune Teller Foursome France French Resistance Funeral German German Flag German Officer German Soldier Germany Gestapo Group Sex Guilt Guinness Haircut Holding Head Under Water Hollywood California Idealist Infiltration International Brigades Irish Jail Jealousy Kiss Leg Spreading Lesbian Lesbian Kiss Lesbianism Letter Lift Skirt Limp Lingerie Lingerie Slip Listening To Music Living Sculpture London England Loss Of Mother Love Love Triangle Lover Lying In Wait Machine Gun Major Male Female Relationship Marseilles France Martini Masochist Menage À Trois Mistress Model Mother Daughter Relationship Murder Nazi Nazi Collaborator Nazi Occupied France Newsreel Footage Nightclub No Panties Novelist Nudity Nurse Orgy Painter Painting Pajamas Palm Reader Panties Paratrooper Paris France Party Passion Photograph Photographer Pleasure Policeman Politics Pool Table Power Blackout Priest Propaganda Protege Rabbit Radio Broadcast Radio News Railway Station Rain Record Player Recording Redemption Reference To Charlie Chaplin Reference To Hitler Reference To Petain Reims France Rescue Restaurant Roommate S&M Sadist Scars On Back Sculpture Sex Sex On Pool Table Shared Bath Ship Shooting Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Head Sidewalk Cafe Singer Singing Slip The Undergarment Snooker Snow Socialite Soldier Song Spain Spanish Spanish Civil War Spy Stakeout Stepmother Stepdaughter Relationship Street Market Striptease Student Swastika Tannery Telephone Call Theatre Audience Threesome Toilet Topless Female Nudity Torture Train Train Tracks Traitor Troop Train Underwear Undressing University Upskirt Voice Over Narration Vomit Wanderlust Watching Movie Water Torture Wealth Whipping Wine Wine Maker Woman Dancing With Woman WWI WWII Yale University

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