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Airplane Answering Machine Bar Based On Comic Book Basketball Beaten To Death Billionaire Blind Lawyer Blind Man Blind Superhero Blindness Blood Boxer Boxing Braille Brawl Bully Car Accident Catholic Catholic Church Catholic Priest Cemetery Character Name In Title Choke To Death Choking Cocktail Party Coffeehouse Confessional Costume Crime Boss Crime Fighter Cult Favorite Daredevil Dark Hero Dark Heroine Dart Death Of Father Death Of Loved One Dual Identity England Falling From Height Father Son Relationship Female Killer Fixed Fight Flashback Fly Funeral Good Versus Evil Hazardous Waste Helicopter Hells Kitchen Manhattan New York City Hit By A Train Hospital Hypodermic Needle Impalement Industrial Accident Irish American Justice Kiss Kissing In The Rain Lawyer Loss Of Father Loss Of Girlfriend Manhattan New York City Martial Arts Marvel Comics Marvel Comics Daredevil Marvel Entertainment Megalomaniac Mob Hit Motorcycle Murder Neo Noir New York City Nun One Man Army One Woman Army Organized Crime Origin Of Hero Paper Clip Pipe Organ Playground Police Practical Joke Prejudice Premarital Sex Priest Pub Rain Rainstorm Rapist Redemption Reporter Revenge Rooftop Rose Scene After End Credits Scene During End Credits Secret Identity Self Doubt Sensory Deprivation Sensory Enhancement Sex Shot In The Back Shot In The Hand Single Father Sniper Spit Take Stabbed In The Hand Stabbed In The Throat Stained Glass Window Subway Station Super Villain Superhero Surprise After End Credits SWAT Team Title Appears In Writing Title Spoken By Character Torso Cut In Half Tragedy Tragic Hero Trial Urban Legend Vigilante Villain Violence Voice Over Narration Wolf Whistle

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