Illusions of Sin (1997)
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Illusions of Sin 1997

Illusions of Sin: With a cast featuring Landon and Gabriella Hall, Jennifer Burton, and a couple of cute unknowns in Mellara Gold and Elisa Madison youd expect spectacular results. Instead we get a unspirited groan-fest that is filled with terrible acting, no fire, and poor philosophical discussions. Even the story of an actress and her understudy (shades of Showgirls) being watched by a stalker is poorly developed.Although the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Burton is in the film, her role is tiny; a throw in. We do get to see the drop-dead gorgeous Landon Hall, but her acting is atrocious. Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer was dating a woman who spoke with an unaudible mumbled voice that got Jerry to unwillingly wear a pirate shirt on a T.V. interview? Landons performance is just like that, with 60-70% of her lines being difficult to decipher. Shes so damn gorgeous, but shes a brutal actress. Mellara Gold plays the understudy and shes O.K. but shes just a Kansas stereotype who has this thing for carnation pink lipstick. Marc Greenberg usually delivers great adult entertainment, but this one is pretty blah.

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Eric Gibson
Elina Madison Gabriella Hall Jennifer Burton John McCafferty Landon Hall Maya
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Solar rating:4 /10

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