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2000s Bamboo Cane Bare Butt Bare Chested Male Beautiful Woman Blockbuster Blood On Mouth Bloopers During Credits Body In Dumpster Body Landing On Car Bomb Bomb In Mouth Breaking Window Bribery Buddy Comedy Buddy Cop California Car Casino Chase Chicken China Chinese Mafia Counterfeit Money Counterfeiter Counterfeiting Counterfeiting Operation Crash Through Glass Deception Elevator English Subtitles In Original Exploding Building Explosion Face Slap Faked Death Fall From Height Female In Bra And Panties Female Killer Foot Chase Gambling Gang Gangsta Grip Gay Girl In Bra And Panties Greed Gun Held At Gunpoint Hit In The Face Hitwoman Hong Kong Immigrant Impersonating A Police Officer Interracial Relationship Jump From Height Jump Through Window Karaoke Karate Kick In Stomach Kicked In The Face Kicked In The Head Knife Throwing Knocked Out With Gun Butt Laptop Computer Las Vegas Nevada Los Angeles California Lying Male Nudity Male Rear Nudity Man Crushed By Car Martial Arts Massage Massage Parlor Metrosexual Money Money Laundering Number In Title Odd Couple Organized Crime Part Of Trilogy Partner Pistol Police Police Officer Killed Product Placement Public Nudity Punched In The Face Racial Slur Reference To Michael Jackson Revenge Revolving Door Second Part Sequel Sewer Shot In The Chest Smuggling Spiral Staircase Stabbed In The Chest Stereotype Subtitled Scene Suicide Suicide Bomber Talking While Driving Tape Over Mouth Tattoo Tattooed Lady Threatened With Knife Tied Up Tight Dress Timebomb Translation Triad Trust Undercover Undercover Agent Underground Undressing US Embassy Video Camera Video Surveillance Villainess Yacht

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