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Acid Air Duct Arrest Atv Auditorium Bag Of Money Bare Chested Male Betrayal Boiler Room Bomb Bonds British Bullet Proof Vest Burnt Hand Candle Car Set On Fire Cell Phone Ceo Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Chase Child In Peril Child With Gun Cigarette Smoking Climbing Over Fence Coal Computer Computer Hacker Crash Through Gate Die Hard Scenario Drill Dynamite Electrocution Exploding Car Explosion Fake Moustache Fall Down Chimney Fall Down Shaft Fall Through Rooftop Window Father Son Relationship Flashlight Floppy Disk Foot Chase Friendship Gas Mask Goggles Heat Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Hit With Baseball Bat Hostage Hostage Situation Husband Wife Relationship Ice Illegal Downloading Indoor Swimming Pool Kick Door In Knocked Out Laptop Computer Library Lighter Locker Room Los Angeles California Machine Gun Man Wearing Wig Mine Missile Mother Daughter Relationship Movie With Twist In The End Newspaper Pistol Police Captain Principal Private Jet Private School Punched In The Face Radio Raised Middle Finger Ransom Rebellious Teenager Reference To Saddam Hussein Repeated Line Reporter Revenge Rich Kid Robbery Rocket Launcher Running Across Roof San Francisco California SAS Scene During Opening Credits Security Camera Security Gate Security Guard Security System Sewer Shot In The Leg Skateboard Skeleton Skipping School Slow Motion Smoke Grenade Spear Sprinkler System Stepbrother Stepsister Relationship Stepmother Stepson Relationship Storm Drain SWAT Team Talking With Mouth Full Taxi Teacher Tied To Chair Tranquilizer Gun Trap Umbrella Wearing Sound Wire Woman Punching A Man

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