De zaak Alzheimer (2003)
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De zaak Alzheimer 2003

De zaak Alzheimer: Vincke and Verstuyft are the best detectives of the Antwerp police department. They are confronted with the murder on a leading executive and put all their effort to catch the murderer.

Solar rating:8 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2Promo Host 15368 views
Version 3Promo Host 7847 views


1990s Abandoned Cafe Abandoned House Adultery Alzheimers Disease Anti Hero Antwerp Belgium Apology Arrest Arson Asphyxiation Assassin Bar Bare Breasts Baron Barricade Based On Novel Bashing Head Into Wall Belgian Belgian Noir Belgium Betrayal Blackmail Blood Bomb Bound And Gagged Bribe Brother Brother Relationship Brussels Belgium Bullet Cafe Candle Car Bomb Car Explosion Castle Cauterization Cauterizing Own Gunshot Wound Cell Phone Chapel Chaplain Chase Chess Child Abuse Child Molestation Child Pornography Child Prostitution Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Smoking Cleaning Own Wound Cleavage Computer Condom Corpse Corrupt Official Corruption Crime Scene Crossing Self Crotch Grab Crying Dead Body Dead Body In Car Trunk Death Death By Fire Death Of Child Death Of Father Death Of Girl Detective Dog Drawing Drink Drinking Dutch Eating Elevator Explosion Extramarital Affair Face Slap Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Full Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Fight Fire Flashback Flashlight Flemish Flirtation Food Forensics Forgetfulness Forgiveness French Gendarme Girl Greek Mythology Gum Gun Gunshot Wound Hallucination Hiding Place Hit By A Car Hit In The Crotch Hitman Hospital Hostage Hotel Husband Wife Relationship Hypodermic Needle Infidelity Injection Inspector Interrogation Investigation Jumping Through A Window Kidnapping Killing An Animal Kiss Knife Lasersight Last Will And Testament Lightning Local Blockbuster Machine Gun Mafia Male Female Relationship Marseilles France Massage Masseuse Medicine Memory Mistress Mobile Phone Money Money Stuffed In Mouth Motorcycle Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Murder Of Child Murder Of Girl Neck Breaking Necrophilia Neo Noir Neon Netherlands Newspaper Nightmare Nudity Parking Garage Passport Pay Phone Pedophilia Peita Photograph Pickpocket Pier Pigeon Pill Police Police Inspector Police Investigation Police Officer Killed Police Station Police Van Pouring Drink On Ones Self Prayer Prologue Prostitute Psychiatrist Pub Punched In The Gut Race Against Time Raid Rain Reckless Driving Religious Statue Restaurant Retirement Revenge Safe Search Seduction Set Up Sex Sexual Abuse Ship Shooting Shot In The Arm Shot In The Chest Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Shoulder Shower Silencer Slow Motion Scene Sniper Spitting On A Photograph Split Screen Spotlight Standoff Statue Surveillance Camera Swimming Swimming Pool Syringe Tape Recorder Target Practice Tears Telephone Call Testimony Topless Female Nudity Torture Town Planning Manager Tracing Telephone Call Tracking Device Traffic Cop Train Train Depot Tram Tunnel Undercover Cop Underwear Unfaithfulness Urination Vault Vengeance Video Tape Violence Wallet Watching TV Wheelchair Whore Widow Wine Wiretapping A Telephone Call Wound Wrist Watch Writing On Arm Zoo

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