Decoding the Past The Real Sorcerers Stone (2006)
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Decoding the Past The Real Sorcerers Stone 2006

Decoding the Past The Real Sorcerers Stone: Today, the sorcerers stone is seen as fiction off the pages of Harry Potter, but in the Middle Ages the quest for the sorcerers stone was second only to that of the Holy Grail. The stone was actually said to have the power to transform base metals into gold and grant long life--even immortality. The ingredients were hidden in bizarrely coded manuscripts by alchemists who lived within their own secret society. The processes needed to combine them could be dangerous--even deadly. Today, we owe most of our modern lab equipment and experimental techniques to the efforts of these alchemists. Was their search for immortality really on sound scientific ground and did some, as is still rumored, actually succeed?This documentary release from the History Channel explores the myth of the sorcerers stone, a legendary alchemic tool said to have been used to transform common metals into gold. Using the expertise of historians and archaeologists, the program examines the elements that could have made up the mystical stone, and if its origins were in reality.

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Geoffrey Madeja
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