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Apartment Building Assault Bare Breasts Beaten To Death Blood Spatter Brutality Burned With A Cigarette Butch Call In Car Crash Cell Phone Cell Phone Trace Cemetery Central Park Manhattan New York City Child In Peril Cigarette Smoking Clerk Coincidence Convenience Store Convenience Store Clerk Corpse Crime Scene Crowbar Crowbar In Head Dead Woman Dog Elevator Engagement Ring Evidence Ex Husband Ex Wife Relationship Falling From Height Female Boss Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Female Vigilante Fiance Fiancee Fighting Back Firearm Gang Assault Gash On Arm Gore Gun Gun Violence Handgun Hit By A Car Hospital Hunted Turns Hunter Illegal Firearm Immigrant Ineffective Police Injury Interracial Romance Interview Investigation Ipod Kiss Knife Lawyer Line Up Loss Of Loved One Machismo Manhattan New York City Memory Mobster Mugger Murder Neighbor New York City Night Night Walk Nurse Overcrowded Parking Pawnshop Personality Change Physician Pimp Pistol Police Police Detective Police Lineup Postmodernism Pro Firearms Prostitute Ptsd Radio Broadcasting Radio Interview Radio Personality Radio Station Random Killing Raving Retaliation Revenge Ring Runaway Car Self Defense Sex Shadow Shock In The End Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot In The Head Shot In The Neck Shot In The Shoulder Shot To Death Shower Siren Squalid Apartment Stakeout Street People Subway Surveillance Camera Surveillance Footage Swearing Tape Recorder Tattoo Teen Prostitute Teenage Prostitute Telephone Call Text Messaging Traffic Jam Trash Tunnel Urban Decay Urban Setting Urban Violence Vengeance Victim Fights Back Video Camera Video Recorder Vigilante Vigilante Justice Vigilantism Violence Vomit Wedding Invitation Cards Wedding Planning Woman With Gun

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