Whys and Otherwise (1927)
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Whys and Otherwise 1927

Whys and Otherwise: Felix the Cat comes home after a night of drunken revelry at a nightclub. His wife, wielding a rolling pin, waits up for him. Felix tries to explain why he came home late with three ludicrous tales. First, a con man tricks him out of his paycheck by selling him a fur coat that proves to have a live bear inside of it. Next, Felix buys his wife some candy from a gift shop. A mugger steals it from him, discovers its only candy, and kicks it over a cliff. Felix chases after it, but the candy falls into the sea. Felix swims after it and ends up on a ship as a storm sets in. Finally, Felix tries to explain a tell-tale blonde hair on his shoulder by claiming to have fought with a lion.

Release Date:
Otto Messmer
Animation Comedy Short
No Famous Actors
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Solar rating:4 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2Promo Host 12523 views
Version 3Promo Host 11727 views
Version 4youtube.com 86 views

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