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Accountant Action Hero Apartheid Assassin Assassination Assassination Attempt Assault Weapon Attempted Drowning Attempted Murder Beach Beer Bikini Black Cop Blockbuster Blood Spatter Boat Bomb Squad Buddy Buddy Cop California Car Car Chase Chase Commercial Commode Condom Condom Commercial Consulate Crushed To Death Cult Favorite Digit In Title Diplomatic Immunity Dislocated Shoulder Diving Board Dog Drowning Drug Money Duct Tape Over Mouth Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Embassy Exploding Toilet Falling From Height Female Nudity Fight Fish Tank French Kiss French Kissing Garage Gold Gun Handcuffs Head Butt Helicopter Hobby Hobby Room Home Invasion Home Movie Hot Tub Hotel House Addition Jacket Kiss Kissing Knife Fight Lapd Los Angeles California Loss Of Girlfriend Machine Gun Male Nudity Martial Arts Money Laundering Movie With Twist In The End Murder Nail Gun No Opening Credits No Smoking Sign Nudity Number In Title Numbered Sequel Ocean Pickup Truck Pistol Police Police Officer Police Officer Killed Police Psychologist Policewoman Killing Protected Witness Racial Comment Racial Slur Racism Racist Revolver Second Part Semiautomatic Pistol Sequel Sequel To Cult Favorite Sex Ship Shipping Container Shooting Shootout Shot In The Head Shot To Death Shotgun Ski Mask South Africa Spotlight Stabbed In The Chest Strait Jacket Swimming Pool Television Television Commercial The Three Stooges Toilet Topless Female Nudity Trailer Triangle Trade Truck Tuna TV Commercial Video Violence Wet Jeans White Supremacist Window Wisecrack Humor Wrecked Car Yacht

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