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50 Calibre Machine Gun Abandoned Warehouse Adrenaline American Flag Amputation Anger Arrest Arrogance Bare Chested Male Baseball Bat Beating Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter Blood Blood Spatter Body In A Trunk Bomb Bone As Weapon Botched Execution Bracelet Briefcase Buried Alive Capital Punishment Car Bomb Car Explosion Castration Cell Mate Cell Phone Cello Cemetery Character Says I Love You Child Murder City Hall Confession Court Courtroom Covered In Blood Critically Bashed Deal Death Of Child Death Of Daughter Death Of Friend Death Of Wife Death Row Death Threat Department Of Defense Disguise Dismemberment District Attorney Duct Tape Over Mouth DVD E Mail Electro Magnetic Pulse Engineer Exploding Car Explosion F Word Father Daughter Relationship Filmed Killing Fire Funeral Government Assassin Guilt Handcuffs Hidden Gun Hit With A Baseball Bat Home Invasion Husband Wife Relationship Impersonating A Police Officer Informant Intravenous Ipod Judge Justice Law Book Lawyer Legal System Lethal Injection Looking At Ones Self In A Mirror Macguffin Male Nudity Male Rear Nudity Man Wearing A Wig Mastermind Mayor Missile Mob Of Reporters Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Murder Of Family Murderer Music Recital Napalm Neurotoxin Philadelphia Flag Philadelphia Pennsylvania Poison Police Chase Police Detective Police Officer Killed Porterhouse Steak Prison Prison Cell Prisoner Promotion Punched In The Face Rape Recital Remote Control Revenge Robot Sadism Satellite Dish Secret Passage Semtex Severed Arm Severed Head Severed Leg Shot In The Head Shot To Death Snorting Cocaine Snuff Film Solitary Confinement Spy Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Neck Stabbed In The Stomach Stabbed To Death Steak Student Recital Suffocation Take Out Tattoo Throat Slitting Title Spoken By Character Torture Tortured To Death Tunnel Unjust System Vigilante Villain Played By Lead Actor Viola Violence

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