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Animal Killing Assistant Axe In The Back Axe Murder Bad Joke Band Beating Bleeding From Ones Eyes Blood Blood Bath Blood Spatter Body Bag Book Book Signing Brandy Breaking A Mirror Breaking Through A Door Broken Arm Brutality Cafe Car Accident Car Crash Chase Clown Clown Mask Coroner Corpse Corset Costume Covered In Blood Cow In The Road Death Death Of Daughter Death Of Friend Decapitation Dictionary Definition In Screen Text Dream Drunkenness Eating Dog Evil Evil Man Exploding Car Exploitation Father Daughter Relationship Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Film Starts With Text Flash Forward G String Gash In The Face Ghost Gore Halloween Halloween Costume Hallucination Hanged Man Head Bashed In Head Cut Off Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Hiding Hippie Hit By A Car Hit With A Baseball Bat Homelessness Hospital House In The Country Impalement Insanity Interrupted Sex Interview Jack O Lantern Killed With An Axe Killing Spree Knife In The Head Mask Mass Murderer Mental Institution Michael Myers Mirror Ball Mother Son Relationship Neck Breaking Nightmare Nude Woman Murdered Number In Title Overturning Car Party Pentagram Piglet Pistol Pizza Pole Dancing Police Officer Killed Portrait Psychopath Rain Red Remake Of Sequel Returning Character Killed Off Scar Screaming In Fear Second Part Sequel Sequel To Remake Serial Killer Shack Shaky Cam Sheep Shot In The Chest Shotgun Slasher Slow Motion Scene Sniper Rifle Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Face Stabbed In The Head Stabbed To Death Stitches Stomped To Death Strangulation Strip Club Stripper Surgery Tattoo Terrified Throat Slitting Thrown Through A Windshield Time Lapse Photography Topless Female Nudity Traumatic Shock Urination Violence Vomit White Horse

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