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Ambition Anger Balls Bathroom Bong Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Break Up Breakfast Buddy Movie Busboy Cannabis Cannabis Use Cigarette Smoking College Coming To A Decision Cook Crude Humor Cruel Joke Crying Customer Decision Difficult Decison Disgruntled Customer Dream Sequence Drug Humor Ellipsis In Title Employee Employer Employee Relationship Envy F Word Fake Female Frontal Nudity Fantasy Sequence Female Frontal Nudity Film In Film First Part Food Foreigner Friends Who Hate Each Other Friendship Friendship Between Men Friendship Between Women Gay Gay Slur German Speaking Glass Pipe Gross Out Growing Up Happy Birthday To You Hatred High School High School Friend Homosexual Hopelessness Hostess Immature Adults Independent Film Interracial Friendship Interracial Relationship Jackass Jerk Job Offer Job Promotion Joint Kicked In Butt Kitchen Lesbian Life Changing Life Changing Decision Loser Loss Of Job Love Hate Relationship Male Female Relationship Male Nudity Manager Marijuana Marijuana Joint Merkin Wig Meth Methadone Mother Son Relationship Office Old Man One Day One Word Title Parking Lot Party Payback Penis Playing With Food Pot Public Humiliation Public Nudity Punctuation In Title Redneck Reference To Pepsi Resignation Restaurant Revenge Romantic Tension Scene During End Credits Screaming Sex Sex In Bathroom Sex Talk Sleeping On The Job Slow Motion Scene Snotty Customer Statutory Rape Stress Surprise After End Credits Talking To Self Teen Teenage Girl Testicle Tip Title Spoken By Character Tow Truck Trainee Twenty Something Underage Drinking Underage Smoking Urination Waiter Waitress Wannabe Weed Whipping White Male Pretending To Be Black Workplace Romance Young Man

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