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Abu Nidal Algerian Apology Bar Barefoot Bartender Bath Bathtub Beating Bethesda Maryland Betrayal Bicycle Boston Massachusetts Breakfast Breaking And Entering Burrito Cafe Cambridge Massachusetts Car Accident Car Chase Card Playing Cat And Mouse Cell Phone Character Says Follow That Cab Chase Cheating On A Test CIA College Graduate Computer Computer Printer Computer Trade Show Computer Virus Covert Operative Data Entry Deception Diplomatic Corps Diplomatic Immunity Disk Drive Dog Double Agent Drink Drinking Drunkenness Embassy Espionage Exam Exploitation Falklands Farsi Father Son Relationship Firing Range Fitness Gym Florida Atlantic University Following Someone French Government Agent Training Gun Iwo Jima Memorial Washington DC Jefferson Memorial Washington DC Job Fair Kidnapping Kiss Langley Virginia Lasersight Liar Lie Lie Detector Lincoln The Car Loss Of Father Love Magic Trick Male Female Relationship Martini Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Mentor Mentor Protege Relationship Miami Florida Mole Motel Murder Night School Nightclub Orphan Oversleeping Penis Peru Pickup Truck Poker The Card Game Police Police Academy Policeman Pool Table Product Placement Protege Psychological Testing Punching Bag Railway Station Rain Recruit Recruitment Reference To Cats Cradle Reference To Dell Computers Reference To Dennys Restaurant Reference To Fonzies Jacket Reference To James Bond Reference To John Dillinger Reference To Kurt Vonnegut Reference To McDonalds Restaurant Reference To Nintendo Reference To Sonny Crockett Reference To Spartacus Reference To The Beatles Restaurant Revenge Rifle Sex Shell Oil Company Shooting Shot In The Chest Shot To Death Shower Smithsonian Institute Washington DC Snow Spy Spy Training Storytelling Surprise Ending Surrogate Father Surveillance Tai Chi Taxi Test Toilet Torture Train Traitor Trust Underwear Union Station Washington DC Urination US Capitol Building Washington DC Video Surveillance Villain Played By Lead Actor Waitress Washington DC Watching TV Website

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