One-Day Seminar (2008)
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One-Day Seminar 2008

One-Day Seminar: Benson Mountebank is the top-rated seminar speaker at The Tryan Learn Institute, where the motto is 'Real Seminars for Real People'. This short movie chronicles a day in the life of Benson as he checks into his hotel, gets ready in his room and teaches a one-day seminar on 'Succeeding as a First Time Manager'. We are initially greeted with an infomercial for The Tryan Learn Institute hosted by Ted Misanthrope, President and CEO. Ted claims that taking one of their highly informative seminars can change your life for the better. He goes on to explain how well trained and expertly hired their seminar speakers are. After the infomercial, we follow Benson as he checks into his hotel, goes to his room and prepares for the seminar. At the seminar Benson introduces himself and as the day progresses, we (along with the seminar attendees) bear witness to Benson's inability to put together a coherent thought. Benson doles out advice gleaned from unusual places and calls people up to the front to act out role-playing exercises, which only serve to confuse the attendees more. Is Benson really that inept or is there actual meaning behind his seemingly worthless advice and pointless activities? The only way to find out is to take a candid peek at a day in the life of Benson Mountebank, professional seminar speaker.

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Martin Binder
Comedy Short
John Patterson
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