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14th Century 1590s Adultery Anachronism Anal Violation Anvil Bandage Banishment Based On Play Bashing Head Into Wall Beagle Bitten In The Neck Black Leather Blood Blow Job Boa Constrictor Boy King British British Soldier Brother Sister Relationship Butcher Cage Calesthenics Camouflage Cellist Cello Character Name In Title Chess Choking Christmas Christmas Tree Cigarette Smoking Conspiracy Cross Dressing Crossbow Crown Crucifixion Curse Dancer Dancing Dead Deer Death Deer Demonstration Deposing Dog Drag Queen Earl Of Cornwall Earphones Execution Exile Extramarital Affair False Teeth Father Son Relationship Fellatio Ferret Fire Firing Squad Flashlight Fox Hunt Friend Friendship Gay Gay Bashing Gay Interest Heart Homosexual Humiliation Independent Film Infidelity Interrogation King King Of France Kiss Knife London England Lord High Chamberlain Love Lover Male Earring Male Female Relationship Male Frontal Nudity Male Male Kiss Male Nudity Masochism Massage Military Uniform Monarch Murder Music Conductor Musical Number Musical Quartet Neck Breaking Nobility Nudity Number In Title Nun Nutcracker Obscene Finger Gesture Oven Overthrowal Pajamas Pearl Necklace Photograph Piece Of Meat Poker Police Policeman Priest Prison Prologue Queen Queen Isabella Rain Red Hot Poker Reflection In Water Revenge Rifle Riot Riot Gear Roman Numeral In Title Royalty Rugby S&M Sadism Sailor Scream Sex Signature Sit Up Snake Spike Heels Spotlight Stabbing Strangulation Sword Tennis Tennis Player Throne Tomb Torch Toy Gun Toy Robot Traitor Transvestite Tyrant Uncle Nephew Relationship Unfaithfulness Vampire Viola Viola Player Violence Violin Violinist Water Welder Welding

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