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1980s 1990s Airplane Airport Ambulance Apostrophe In Title Arm Amputation Awards Banquet Baby Balkan Based On Book Bath Bathtub Battle Battlefield Beating Birthday Blood Bomb Bombing Border Botanist Botany Boy Brother Sister Relationship Burned Body Burns Over Entire Body Camera Camouflage Candle Car Accident Car Explosion Car Rental Catholic Character Name In Title Children Killed Cigarette Smoking City In Ruins Civil War Coffin Corpse Croatia Croatian Crushed Car Crying Dead Body Death Death Of Father Death Of Husband Disappearance Dog Drug Use Drunkenness Dying Editor Ethnic Cleansing Ethnicity Explosion Eyes Face Slap Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Flower Genocide Girl Graz Austria Greenhouse Gun Gunfire Helicopter Hospital Husband Wife Relationship Jew Jewish Kaddish Land Mine Love Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Marriage Memory Mens Bathroom Militia Mirror Missing Husband Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Murder New Jersey New York City News Photographer Newsreel Footage Newsweek Magazine Orthodox Passion Photograph Photographer Photojournalism Photojournalist Plant Prayer Presumed Dead Pulitzer Prize Punctuation In Title Rape Reference To Elvis Presley Roadblock Search For Husband Serb Serbia Sex Shell Shock Shelling Shooting Shot In The Head Shot In The Stomach Sniper Snow St Louis Missouri Stomach Storm Street Warfare Student Tank Tears Telephone Call Trauma TV Crew TV News Urination Video Tape Violence Voice Over Narration Vomit Wallet War Crime Watching TV Yugoslavia Zagreb Croatia

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