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Acoustic Guitar Alcoholic Anti Hero Apartment Building Arrow Arsenal Arson Aston Martin Based On Comic Book Beach Betrayal Blood Blood Spatter Bow Brother Brother Relationship Butterfly Knife Car Car Accident Car Chase Car Crash Cemetery Chain Champagne Character Name In Title Child Murder Cigar Smoking Cigarette Boat Claymore Closing Credits Sequence Club Comic Hero Comic Relief Compound Bow Computer Confrontation Crucifix Crutch Cult Favorite Dance Death Of Son Desert Eagle Diamond Diamond Earring Dinner Invitation Dog Tag Double Barreled Shotgun Drawbridge Drinking Evil Man Exploding Body Exploding Car Exploding Ship Explosion Extreme Violence Faked Death Family Reunion Father Son Relationship FBI Federal Agent Federal Bureau Of Investigation Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Funeral Gambling Gasoline Gay Kiss Glass Cutter Golf Gore Grenade Grenade Launcher Guitar Gulf War Gun Guzzle Liquor Hit By A Car Hit By A Train Homosexual Hundred Dollar Bill Husband Wife Relationship Infidelity Island Jealousy Kiss Kitchen Limousine Lollipop Loss Of Family Loss Of Father Loss Of Mother Loss Of Wife M 4 Machine Gun Machine Gun Mafia Boss Marvel Comics Marvel Entertainment Money Money Falling Through The Air Money Laundering Motorcycle Murder Murder Of Family Neo Noir Newscast Night Club One Man Army One Man Crusade Organized Crime Person On Fire Pier Pierced Lip Piercing Ripped Out Pistol Presumed Dead Psycho Thriller Pump Action Shotgun Reference To Pepsi Remake Revenge Righteous Rage Run Over By A Train Running Out Of Ammo Russian Scalded Face Sea Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Foot Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Leg Shot In The Neck Shot To Death Shot With An Arrow Shotgun Silent Henchman Skull Smuggling Spy Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Hand Stabbed In The Head Stabbed In The Leg Stabbed In The Shoulder Stabbed In The Throat Stabbed Through The Chin Stabbed To Death Stabbing Stethoscope Strangulation Submachine Gun Suicide Suitcase Full Of Money Sunglasses Sunset T Shirt Tampa Florida Thrown From A Bridge Title Spoken By Character Tombstone Topless Female Nudity Torn Off Piercing Torture Tough Guy Tragic Hero Twin Brother Undercover Undercover Cop Uxoricide Video Game Vigilante Vigilantism Violence Wall Safe Watch Wild Turkey Bourbon

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