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Accountant Adopted Daughter Animal Killing Art Attempted Suicide Bandaged Hand Bankruptcy Bare Chested Male Bathtub BB Gun Bird Bisexuality Black Comedy Blood Blood On Shirt Board Game Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Incest Brother Sister Relationship Car Accident Car Crash Cemetery Character Name In Title Character Says I Love You Child In Peril Child Prodigy Child Smoking Cigarette Childhood Cigarette Smoking Clergy Climbing Through A Window Closet Smoker Comedy Of Manners Cowboy Hat Cuckold Dalmatian Deadbeat Dad Deadpan Death Death Of Father Delinquent Depression Disbarment Divorce Dog Dogfight Drug Addiction Drug References Dysfunctional Family Estranged Family Member Estranged Father Estrangement Ex Assassin Extended Family Extramarital Affair Face Paint Failed Genius Fake Illness Falcon Falling Down Stairs Family Relationships Family Reunion Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fictionalized Version Of Real City Finance Finger Cut Off Fire Drill Flashback Foot Chase Forbidden Love Frat Pack Friendship Funeral Genius Grandfather Grandson Relationship Gravestone Humor Grief Heart Attack High Blood Pressure Hospital Hotel Husband Wife Relationship Incest Independent Film Interracial Kiss Interracial Relationship Interracial Romance Knife Wound Lesbian Kiss Loss Of Wife Marriage Mental Breakdown Mescaline Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mouse Nervous Breakdown New York New York City Painted Face Play Playing Doctor Playwright Private Detective Racial Stereotype Racism Rat Reconciliation Recurrent Stabbing In The Gut Redemption Running In Traffic Severed Finger Sex Shaving Head Shoplifting Shot In The Hand Slow Motion Scene Stabbed In The Stomach Stomach Cancer Talking To Ones Self In A Mirror Taxi Tennis Tennis Player Terminal Illness Thrown Through A Window Topless Female Nudity Urban Setting Voice Over Narration War Paint Wealth Wedding Wooden Finger Wrist Slitting Writers Block

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