The Dead Dont Scream (2007)
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The Dead Dont Scream 2007

The Dead Dont Scream: A group of college kids go on a road trip to hell when they stumble across a small Texas Town with an entire economy based upon stealing cars and selling the parts. But whats the town to do with the group of people that came with the set of wheels worth a mint? Easy, just chop them too! Callie talks her cute blonde cousin Tyler into going to the lake with her and her friends. Despite an ominous warning not to go to the lake from the friendly Cait, the kids continue on their quest for fun, sun, sex, and beer. As soon as they get to the lake two hot chicks come over and tease Tyler into a threesome and take him into the woods. Callie goes to find him and meets the creepy Esteban and his set of evil twin henchwomen. Its not long before they all find themselves dazed and surrounded by many more in the same awful predicament. Callie and friends escape their captivity, but its only out of the frying pan and into the fire for them as they discover workers at the factory disposing of others just like them. Uncle Buddy runs a tight shift here at the factory, where his precious and gruesome little granddaughter Betsy sits and stuffs her fat face with pretzels hand over fist as her uncle yells out his orders to security guards. A cat and mouse game begins between Esteban, security guards, those evil twins and Callie and her friends as you watch waiting to see the outcome of this horrid situation. Will anyone survive? Or will they all succumb to the fate that is passed onto them for going to the lake?

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Richard Perrin
Chad Thomas Charles Martin Jeremy Schwab
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Solar rating:6 /10

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