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Actress Airplane Ambulance Anguish Answering Machine Audition Band Bar Bare Breasts Beating Beer Berlin Wall Breaking An Arm Bridge Briefcase Broken Hand Brother Brother Relationship Busboy Cafe Catholic Cd Cd Player Chase Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking Cowardice Crossing Ones Self Crying Dancing Dead Body Death Death Of Father Despair Dog Dog With Wings Drink Drinking Dublin Ireland Ex Wife Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Film Director Female Nudity Fight Film Director Film Making Firefly Flashback Funeral Girl God Gun Gun Held To Head Hallucination Hate Healing Hearing Voices Hit By A Stray Bullet Hospital Independent Film Insect Interrogation Jazz Jazz Combo Jazz Music Jumping Into A River Kidnapping Kiss Lightning Bug Love Lung Lung Removal Magic Show Male Female Relationship Mens Toilet Milwaukee Wisconsin Money Movie Set Mugging Murder Musician New Jersey New York City New York Post Newspaper Nightclub Nudity Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Penis Phd Photograph Photographer Pie Thrown In Face Prayer Punched In The Gut Reference To Chuck Berry Reference To Frank Wedekind Reference To Lou Reed Reference To Louise Brooks Restaurant Restaurant Owner River Saxophonist Screaming Sense Of Smell Sex Shooting Shot In The Forehead Singer Singing Slip The Undergarment Slow Motion Scene Snowstorm Song Stone Stray Bullet Suicide Suicide By Shooting Self In Head Tears Telephone Call Telephone Number Thrown Into A River Topless Female Nudity Transformation Turd TV Commercial Underwear Urinal Videotape Waitress Watching TV Watching Video On TV

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