Slip & Fall (2011)
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Slip & Fall 2011

Slip & Fall: Its bad enough when your last name is regularly referred to as Cumdumpster let alone you live in the woods, in a camper, with your Grandma who was duped into buying a massive satellite dish that makes you sleep at a 30% angle because the dish tips the trailer. Now add two dead parents, a self-centered and greedy girlfriend, and no money left after Grandmas purchase to pay your last semesters law school tuition or Grandmas rent. And because the petty and miserable Dean of your law school wont sign a regularly-approved tuition waiver form, youre in trouble. Meet Danny Cuemdumpstier (Sam Cohan) and his life. Also meet his boss and father-figure, Jerry (William Forsythe), who works as the schools janitor full-time but on the side carries out all scams imaginable. His favorite is the slip and fall. (verb. To lie on the ground and scream like you are hurt when you are not and then sue and collect cash from anyone you can possibly say is responsible). And, its the answer to Dannys problems according to Jerry. Take a fall, or lie down is more like it, and scream. Now Danny is a nice and naive kid who questions it over and over and wrestles with the immorality. And he is dubious throughout. But with no choice, he takes the fall. And he screams really loud. Of course, the Emergency Room finds no neck injury, but then he is in Jerrys hands. Jerry refers Danny to his special circle of friends: a muscle-headed lawyer obsessed with sexual conquests, drinking and tanning; his chiropractic doctor with the imprimatur of an online degree; and a physical therapy center that doles out favors to its clients. Stunningly, this cottage industry generally prevails, but when it comes to a Cumdumpster, only a path of outrageous hilarity ensues. Oh, and by the way, Danny falls for the lawyers assistant because everyone but Danny knows that three doesnt make a crowd. What happens when a law student breaks the law on his law campus to pay his law tuition?

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Andrew Divoff Guy Strauss William DeCoff William Forsythe
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Solar rating:4 /10

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