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Avatar: In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Navi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture.

Solar rating:10 /10

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Version 4streamin.to 5103 views
Version 5[Part 2][Part 3]bestreams.net 1165 views
Version 6vshare.eu 651 views
Version 7Sponsor Host 17704 views
Version 8vidzi.tv 12707 views
Version 9Sponsor Host 3488 views
Version 10[Part 2][Part 3]thevideo.me 3465 views
Version 11vidup.me 2021 views
Version 12[Part 2][Part 3]vidzi.tv 847 views
Version 13vshare.eu 139 views
Version 14vidtodo.com 9 views
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Version 16movshare.net 11179 views
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2150s 22nd Century 3 D 3 Dimensional 3D Air Battle Alien Alien Contact Alien Life Form Alien Planet Alien Sex Allegory Ambush Ancestry Animal Abuse Animal Attack Animal Experimentation Animal Killing Anthropomorphism Army Arrow Arrow In Chest Attack Avatar Bare Chested Male Barefoot Battle Battlefield Betrayal Biologist Bioluminescence Blockbuster Blood Body Swap Botanist Bow And Arrow Bravery Bulldozer Businessman Campfire Captain Captive Chase Child Murder Clan Closing Credits Sequence Coffee Colonel Colonialism Conscience Corporate Crime Corporate Executive Corporate Greed Corpse Creature Cremation Crushed To Death Cryogenics Cryonics Culture Clash Cyberpunk Dance Ritual Death Death Of Brother Death Of Father Death Of Twin Deity Delegation Destruction Dishonor Divine Intervention Divine Retribution DNA Emperor Energy Engine English Subtitles In Original Environment Environmentalism Epic Epic Battle Ethnic Conflict Exploding Helicopter Exploding Ship Exploitation Explosion Extraterrestrial Fall From Height Female Soldier Fictional War Fish Flame Thrower Flying Forbidden Love Forced Perspective Foreign Language Forest Friendship Future General Genetic Engineering Genocide Giant Tree Goddess Going Native Greed Grenade Handicapped Helicopter Heritage Hired Gun Honor Horse Riding Human Monster Human Versus Alien Hunt Hunter Hunting Hybrid Imperialism Initiation Rite Insect Inter Cultural Intercut Interracial Romance Invasion Jump From Height Jumping Off Cliff Jungle War King Knife Throwing Laboratory Language Barrier Leader Lieutenant Colonel Logging Loss Loss Of Brother Loyalty Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Marine Martial Arts Mercenary Military Military Officer Mineral Misery Missile Monster Moon Motion Capture Murder Murderer Mushroom Mysticism Native Natives Nature New Age No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning Noble Savage One Word Title Outcast Outer Space Outpost Paraplegic Patriot Person On Fire Pistol Planet Power Suit Prayer Premarital Sex Prospecting Psycho Psychopath Punched In The Face Queen Racism Rainforest Rebellion Redemption Repeated Line Rescue Revenge Rifle Righteous Rage Ritual Robot Saga Savior Scar Scientist Self Discovery Shaman Shot In The Chest Shot In The Shoulder Shot In The Stomach Shot Through Chest Shot Through Window Shot To Death Shot With Arrow Sleep Slow Motion Smoke Social Commentary Soldier Soul Soul Transference Space Space Travel Space Western Spaceship Spiritualism Stabbed In The Chest Subtitled Scene Suffocation Supernatural Survival Suspended Animation Swimming Terrorism Threatened With Knife Tied Up Title Spoken By Character Torch Training Translation Tree Tree Of Life Tribe Trust Turmoil Twin Twin Brother Underwater Universe Unobtainium Video Log Village Violence Virtual Set Voice Over Narration War Paint Warrior Warrior Race Waterfall Weapon Weightlessness Weightlifting Wheelchair Young Man

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