The Field (1990)
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The Field 1990

The Field: Bull McCabes family has farmed a field for generations, sacrificing endlessly for the sake of the land. And when the widow who owns the field decides to sell the field in a public auction, McCabe knows that he must own it. But while no one in the village would dare bid against him, an American with deep pockets decides that he needs the field to build a highway. The Bull and his son decide to convince the American to give up bidding on the field, but things go horribly wrong.

Solar rating:9 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2 110 views
Version 3 23 views
Version 4 Sponsor Host 17858 views
Version 5 Sponsor Host 1222 views
Version 6 336 views
Version 7 182 views
Version 8 708 views
Version 9 [Part 2] 199 views


1930s American Ancestry Animal Auction Bad Teeth Based On Play Based On Stage Play Bashing Head On Rock Beach Bible Bicycle Blood Blood Money Boy Broken Bottle Cane Catholic Catholic Church Cattle Cattle Stampede Cemetery Chicken Chimney Church Cigarette Smoking Clan Cliff Common Law Cow Coward Cowardice Cross Cross Cultural Relationship Da Dance Dancer Dancing Dead Body Dead Donkey Death Death Of Brother Death Of Husband Death Of Son Donkey Dream Drink Drinking Eating Family Relationships Famine Farm Farmer Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fertilizer Fiddle Fiddler Field Fight Fireplace Flat Tire Fog Food God Grave Graveyard Greed Guilt Hammer Hand Cart Hay Head Butt Headstone Herding Cattle Over Cliff Heritage Holding Head Under Water Horse Horse And Cart Horse And Wagon Howling Hunger Husband Wife Relationship Hypocrisy Hypocrite Independent Film Intimidation Ireland Irish Judas Kicking Lake Lamb Land Land Auction Land Rights Landlady Law Legality Limestone Livestock Love Male Female Relationship Mass Money Mother Son Relationship Mourning Murder Outsider Ownership Pasture Photograph Police Policeman Pound Note Prayer Priest Provincialism Pub Public Auction Rain Real Estate Real Estate Development Rent Renter Resistance To Change Robbery Rock Roofing Rooftop Rowboat Rural Setting Seagull Seaweed Sergeant Shilling Singer Singing Sixpence Slashed Tire Sleeping Smoke Song Stampede Stranger Stubbornness Subjective Camera Theft Thief Threat Throwing Dead Donkey Over Cliff Tinker Tragedy Trespassing Umbrella Underwater Scene Village Walking Stick Waterfall Widow Wind

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