Mindstorm (2001)
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Mindstorm 2001

Mindstorm: In 1985, the NSAs Dr. Parishs team trains paranormally gifted children in a new, secret Honduras base, where sergeant Uncle Walter Golden is the closest thing to a parental figure for the eldest, most advanced boy, Malcolm, and his favorite Tracy. During director Bill Armitages inspection visit, it is devastated by Soviet commandos. About fifteen years later, adult Tracy Wellman is a reckless private investigator and presents her boyfriend and protector, FBI agent Daniel Dan Oliver, to her step-dad Angus, who never told the details of her traumatic amnesia at age 9, which still causes disturbed flashbacks. The FBI brings Tracy to -now- senator and presidential campaign nominee William wild Bill, who hires her discretely to retrieve his rebellious, since ten days missing daughter Rayanna Ray before the press turns the story into an electoral nightmare. Rayanna is in the Congregation of Friends, charismatic, also psychic preacher David Mendezs New Age cult, and writes to dad he must leave her on Mendezs ranch in Yakima, Washington, or shell turn to the press. Dan finds the cult is dangerous, building up an armory, and Mendez has absolutely no known past. Armitage asks help from Dans boss Angus, who agrees he goes to ex-cult member Jeannette Long, in the witness protection program; they are attacked by helicopters while she tells Dan her ex-lover Mendez is in league with heavy criminals and obsessed with revenge on the senator. Mendez manages to rekindle Tracys Honduras memories, says hes the late Malcolms spirit in a dying Russian soldiers body and asks her help to stop Armitae and the likes by training enough peoples psychic powers in the cult, finally revealing they are siblings. Yet Tracy refuses to become co-leader, calling David/Malcolm a schizophrenic brainwashing rapist, so shes tied up while the FBI including Daniel beleaguers the ranch, but Mendez has planned ahead...

Solar rating:6 /10

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