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1940s Abdication Accusation Afrika Corps Airplane Animal In Title Archive Footage Armor Artillery Assassination Plot Atlantic Wall Atomic Weapon Based On Book Battle Beach Landing Berlin Germany Boat Bomb Bombing Briefcase British British Army Bunker Car Accident Cemetery Character Name In Title Cherbourg France Conspiracy Controversy Coward D Day Death Defeat Desert Diptheria Diptheria Of The Nose Dirigible Doctor Drink Drinking Dunkirk East Prussia El Alamein Europe Evacuation Execution Eye Patch Eyeglasses Father Son Relationship Field Marshal Field Marshal Montgomery Flash Forward Flashback Following Someone Fox France Friend Friendship General German German Army Germany Getting On Train And Getting Off Train To Avoid Pursuer Gun Hand Grenade Handkerchief Heil Hitler Herrlingen Germany Hitler Hospital Husband Wife Relationship Illness Infantry Insanity Interview Invasion Iron Cross Italian Army Jeep Kicking Stool Kiss La Marseillaise Leather Trenchcoat Letter Libya Lieutenant Colonel London England Machine Gun Major Map Marine Hymn Military Military Strategy Murder Nazi Nazi Soldier Nazi Uniform Newsreel Footage Normandy North Africa One Armed Man Palace Parachute Drop Paris France Photograph Pipe Smoking Plane Crash Plot To Kill Hitler Politics Prisoner Of War Prologue Pursuit Raid Railway Station Reference To Dwight D Eisenhower Reference To Goering Reference To Heinrich Himmler Reference To Martin Bormann Reference To Napoleon Reference To Winston Churchill Retreat Revolt Rhine River Rifle Rommel Russia Russian Front Sand Ship Shootout Shot Through Car Windshield Snow Soldier Stalingrad Stauffenberg Bomb Plot Strafing Stuttgart Germany Submarine Suggesting Suicide Suicide Surrender Surveillance Swastika Tabletop Map Tank Telephone Call Tobruk Tombstone Train Tunis Victory Voice Over Narration Widow Wound WWII WWII In Africa

The Desert Fox The Story of Rommel Comments

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